1. LaTeX Typesetting Services
  2.         Most of the world's technological and medical innovations begin with research publications. More than 2 million scientific papers are published each year and there 

    are more technical reports and presentations. Scientists in academia and industry spend a lot of time writing, reviewing and publishing these papers, but much of this 

    involves time-consuming tasks of management and paperwork. Based on a professional understanding of research papers and academic journals, PaperPal is committed 

    to providing unique and reliable LaTeX typesetting services to customers around the world. PaperPal mission is to help researchers, authors and publishers save time 

    and effort in the processes of manuscript preparation and publication and instead use it for research, development, and innovation, not documentation and typesetting.

            LaTeX is a TEX-based typesetting system developed by American computer scientist Leslie Lamport in the early 1980s. It is a powerful document layout system 

    that produces highly aesthetic documents. Due to its advanced typographic conversion capabilities and long-term stability, it is widely used in academic and professional 


            Typography is the act of arranging letters and words on a page, which has a large impact on the look and feel of a document. Modern word processors typeset 

    texts in a dynamic manner but fail to achieve professional-level layout. Many factors, including special or proprietary formats, can introduce structural changes to an 

    entire document or increase the cost of migration. LaTeX uses your content as plain text and lays out the entire document at once in a process called typesetting; 

    the entire document layout is aesthetically designed and completely defined to produce cross-platform stability and replicability of the final output. Word processors 

    typically do not have the sophisticated structure and document element configuration options that LaTeX handles easily. The end result is that the documents made 

    in LaTeX look more professional, can be given a replicable and unique layout and the entire document layout is not broken by proprietary or inconsistent formatting. 

    LaTeX's output is a standard PDF that that is platform independent and is viewable on every PDF enabled device, no special fonts are required, new versions are 

    backward compatible so won't be replaced in a few years and your documents remain under your control with maximum stability.

            Unfortunately, LaTeX can be a complex system and only by learning its unique markup language can it be set up and used efficiently. Our Konly-LaTeX service 

    is designed to help researchers, authors and publishers save time and effort for research, development and innovation rather than documentation and typesetting. 

    PaperPal offer two services: (1) LaTeX template creation/modification: for creating or modifying your own LaTeX template. (2) LaTeX template layout: used to convert 

    existing content into a LaTeX template of your choice, including five sub-categories of layout service: article, book, formula, figure, and table layout services. Among 

    them, the template creation/modification service involves creating a new LaTeX template or modifying an existing LaTeX template to meet your specific needs. If you 

    already have a LaTeX template and only want to put the content of the document into it, the template layout service can do this for you. Try our globally acclaimed 

    LaTeX conversion service to help you convert your valuable documents into the professional LaTeX format (services@latex.cn).

  3. Features & Benefits
  4. ✔  Solid foundation in academic papers and journals: Based on the accumulation of many years of published academic journals, Konly-LaTeX is committed to providing 

        unique and reliable LaTeX typesetting services to customers around the world.

    ✔  Professional LaTeX technical support: We have a strong technical team that can solve the many difficult problems that may be encountered in the production of 

        LaTeX formatting.

    ✔  Complete security and confidentiality: Privacy is our number one priority. We save the relevant documents for you for three months following final delivery, so you 

        do not need to obtain them again.  All data of the serviced items are deleted after this time.

    ✔  Fully editable LaTeX scripts: The output of our service is a compiled PDF containing the contents of your document and all the files needed for compilation. This allows 

        you to make any future code or content changes.

    ✔  Rapid typography: We know how important your time is and we guarantee to complete work within the agreed deadline period. We reliably provide expedited processing 

        services in the event of an emergency.

  5. Get In Touch
  6. If you would like to contact our team, please email services@latex.cn.

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