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Articles typesetting

This service involves getting the articles you have written or generated and formatting them into a LaTeX template of your choice. Your document can be in any common digital format: MS Word, PDF, text file, etc. The LaTeX template you use can be your own template, a template created by LaTeX for you, a public template for other websites or from our website. The output of this service is a PDF compiled from the contents of your document. It includes all the files needed for compilation so that you can make any further changes in the future.

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system for the typesetting of academic papers. It is mainly used for long-form technical document typesetting; in fact, almost any type of publication can be typeset. Many other word processors, such as MS Word, require a lot of time and effort to write text parameters such as font attributes, line spacing, and chapter styles. If there are many chapters in a publication, the formula is longer or the whole text is replaced by another format. This can be a considerable workload. The disadvantages of MS Word for typesetting are precisely the advantages of LaTeX.

LaTeX typesetting is similar to programming. It uses a unique markup language to design the typesetting of an article and precisely controls the kerning, line spacing and paragraph spacing. It also provides more professional code support for the processing of formulas, charts and tables. It easily gives an article a different format, then when compiled by a LaTeX editor, converts markup characters to finally display the defined typesetting effects. And our service principle coincides with the LaTeX development philosophy: the article to be typeset is handed over to LaTeX (Konly-LaTeX), allowing the author to focus on writing. Additionally, LaTeX is daunting for people who may not be familiar with it, so to the extent reasonable, we provide comprehensive technical support to ensure you can easily modify and compile the final document.


An example application for our service is an academic paper formatted for RCM journals, from a simple Microsoft Word document to an RCM article LaTeX template. The image on the left is the version of Word provided by the customer and the image on the right is the final LaTeX version of our typography. Click on the image below to view it in detail. For more information, please click on Resources.

          1.jpg            2.jpg

Our Service

Articles typesetting service involves but is not limited to the following:

★ Rapidly typeset journal articles, technical reports, presentations, etc.;          ★ Automatically generate document citation lists and index numbers;           

★ Multi-language support, multi-style font support;                                           ★ Professional proofread original and final typeset documents;                     

★ Provide fully editable LaTex scripts;                                                                ★ Provide LaTeX technical support;

★ Open source and multi-platform support, such as Windows, Linux.

Service Pricing

The price of our articles typesetting service primarily depends on page complexity. The pricing table is based on the word count. If the number of equations, figures or tables in the text exceeds a default number of types, the fee will increase accordingly. If we are required to type multiple articles or books, there will be a discount. The specific price is determined by the typesetting of an article. Please send the file to be typed to the technician's email (services@latex.cn) to obtain a quote.

Note: Authors must submit articles or books in MS Word format. If you submit another format, an additional service fee for format conversion will be charged.