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Figures typesetting

This service involves inserting image documents that you have written or generated into a LaTeX template of your choice. Your figures can be submitted in any common digital format, such as Word, PDF, JPG, TIF, etc. The LaTeX template you use can be your own template, LaTeX typesetting for your created templates, obtained from other websites or public templates for our website. The output of this service is a PDF file compiled from the contents of your document and all the files needed for compilation so that you can make any changes in the future.

Figures tend to express information more intuitively than words. In academic papers, figures illustrating experiments are especially important. In typesetting, because a figure can be relatively large, it often causes a page to be blank or difficulty with page layout. This can affect the aesthetic of the entire typesetting of a document. LaTeX is a professional academic typesetting software platform with two types of floating body environments. The figure environment and the table environment are used for the typesetting associated with figures and tables. The floating body environment allows LaTeX to place an image either automatically at a distance from the location of the floating body code or at any specified location in a document, for example at the beginning or end of a page, or on a different page. By using LaTeX to typeset images, you can adjust the typesetting of a document or article page to avoid large-scale images from ruining the page design. LaTeX is especially suitable for the typesetting of figures in academic papers.

Of course, you don't have to be familiar with LaTeX's complex markup language, though, leave it to us! Our service principles coincide with the LaTeX development philosophy: just hand your typesetting over to LaTeX (Konly-LaTeX) and allow the author to focus on writing. Additionally, LaTeX is confronting for people who may not be familiar with it, so to the extent reasonable, we provide comprehensive technical support to ensure that you can easily modify and compile your final document.


An example application for this service is an academic article submitted to the Journal of Integrative Neuroscience (JIN) that is converted from a simple MS Word document to a JIN article LaTeX template. The image on the left is the Word version provided by the customer, and the image on the right is the final LaTeX version of our typography. Click on the image below to view it in detail. For more information, please click on Resources.

     1.jpg          2.jpg

Our Service

Our figures typesetting service involves, but is not limited to the following:

★ Rapidly typeset figures and legends;          ★ Professional proofread original and final typeset documents;          ★ Multi-language support, multi-style font support;

★ Provide fully editable LaTeX scripts;       ★ Provide LaTeX technical support;                                   ★ Open source and multi-platform support, such as Windows, Linux.

Service Pricing

Our figure typesetting service is usually charged based on quantity (see table below). If we are required to typeset more than five images, there is a discount. The specific price is determined according to the difficulty of the figure. Please send the file to be typed to the technician's email (services@latex.cn) to obtain a quotation.

Note: Authors must submit figures in jpg, png or tiff format and submit the notes in MS Word format. If you submit another format, an additional service fee for format conversion will be charged.